Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our new trees did really well this season as you can see
from the burst of green running along Richmond Street.
We only lost two that didn't make it through the winter
and were recently replaced by the city. Our Property
Manager has been diligently watering them in these
important first stages of growth and we can report
great results.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shedding Some Light on the Situation

The lamp posts have been installed all along Richmond St.
This is the final addition to our sidewalk project until
the spring.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tree Grates + Cages

As a final addition to the sidewalk work for the season, tree grates and cages were installed around the newly planted trees. These kind of tree protection grates are so much better for the trees (as opposed to the standard cement slabs and collars that are used in other places) as they let lots of water in. We are told this system is also outfitted for tubes that will be installed when the ground has thawed to allow for a hose to be slid in and water delivered deep into the planting medium.
The cages also provide much needed protection for the new trees to avoid stressing them in this critical time of growth. This is already a challenging environment for trees to grow in so anything we can do to improve their chances is well worth the effort.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Road Restorations

John Rutkowski spraying the finishing tar sealant on the pavement. 

John works with the road-rollers, who press the sealant into the pavement, evenly distributing it.

Photos by Simone Truemner-Caron

Finishing Touches

All the trees have successfully been installed along the sidewalk.

Workers adding the finishing touches to the sidewalk. This includes putting topsoil in the tree pits, and laying out the final granite pieces.

The last of the granite, shipped and ready to be installed.

 Pablo Cornejo and Rigobrto Aguiluz smoothing the primer sand layer.

Laying down granite.

 Rigobrto Aguiluz and Rodrigo Montt.

Photos by Simone Truemner-Caron

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome, Trees!

The trees are here!

Their roots are in burlap sacs...

Some are oak...

Some are maple...

 And they'll soon be put-up vertically.

 Right now they're just chillin' in the rain.

Photos by Simone Truemner-Caron

Granite Down, But Still More To Go...

The granite has successfully been installed between 401 Richmond and Spadina.

Granite portions of sidewalk finished.

The construction work on the north side of 401 Richmond is complete. Now we're waiting for the rain to stop and shipments to arrive, so that the rest of the granite and the trees can be installed.

A man walks along the unfinished sidewalk, not seeming to mind the huge holes. 

The concrete under the burlap is drying, protected from the rain.

Notice that the amount of truck poo in the ditch seems to be growing... a sure sign of progress.

Photos by Simone Truemner-Caron